The idea behind PsychoLAWgy and where I got it
spoiler: Queen Mary University of London
As usual the story began at an airport. I mean, there had been a lot of preparations, you do not get accepted to a Russel Group university without preparations. But still, journeys begin at airports, that's a rule.
I can hardly remember the flight. What I do remember is struggling to find a place to eat out at after everything else was settled at around 10 pm. That was the first surprise about London. The next thing I knew I was picking my study modules.
Ticking «Strategic decision-making for lawyers» I did not expect it would result in a quality dissertation a year after and a number of articles in leading law journals, a Masters course in Psychology and a career shift in the few years to follow.
It was a fascinating module to study and among all things one struck me the most: humans and even the most sophisticated judges and arbitrators are irrational.
What's more, this irrationality persistently interferes with their decision-making as judges and arbitrators. Further, this irrationality is systematic and predictable.
«Aha!» - thought I - «if consciousness is only partially responsible for the decisions judges and arbitrators make, it is as important to win their hearts as to win their minds!»
It was then when the story of Puchkov PsychoLAWgy began.