How exactly we can help
Perception is the only reality. Affecting the perception of the decision-makers you shape the reality for your clients
Psychological Profile
Drawing on a variety of sources we will come up with psychological profiles of every essential decision-maker in every case. This knowledge will inform subsequent fine tuning of the strategy of communication.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning of the case includes the analysis of what cognitive biases are likely to occur in the decision-makers and the parties themselves; in respect of what decisions; and when exactly. At this stage we will also know whether those biases are going to work for the case or against it. With that knowledge we will be able to produce a detailed plan of avoiding cognitive biases or playing to them.
Psychological Audit
We will examine your submissions and produce detailed recommendations on what can be improved from the Psychology of Dispute Resolution standpoint together with nuanced explanations to our recommendations.
Psychology and Redrafting
We will not only produce elaborate Psychological position for your case but will also incorporate it in your submissions making sure we explain you every step.
Speech for the Court
Many judges and arbitrators confess that it is not until the hearing when they make a full impression of the case. We will examine your draft courtroom speech from the Psychological standpoint and make sure that it wins not only the minds but the hearts of the decision-makers too.
Mock Hearings
We will organize mock hearings making sure that the mock judges, arbitrators, jurors and even the other party's attorneys resemble (in terms of personality) those whom you are going to meet at the actual hearings. Of course, we will make sure the mock decision-makers are unaware which party has hired them and are thus free from bias.
Even if conducting mock hearings is not feasible it is still possible to achieve an outstanding rapport with the actual decision-makers. We will train your attorney to act in line with the strategy developed based on the decision-makers' psychological profiles and will also provide other personalized recommendations.